Serene Lotus Massage & Bodywork

Meridith Fitch, LMT, NCTMB

About the Practitioner

It is my personal philosophy that everyone can benefit from positive touch.  Touch enhances our lives in more ways than we fully understand at this time.  Positive touch benefits the spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of our whole being; you simply cannot touch one apsect without touching the others.  My massages are given with the intention of having a positive effect on your whole person.

I am Missouri licensed and NCTMB Nationally Certified massage therapist.  I am a member of and fully insured through ABMP.  I am also a Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist, and a member of the APMA.  I am a graduate of the MTTI WellSpring school of massage therapy in Kansas City, MO.  Since the beginning of my massage therapy journey I have had over 825 hours of massage therapy training and education.  

I offer therapuetic and relaxation massage.  I am available by appointment only.  My goal is to make you feel safe, comfortable and understood. 

Let me show you the benefits of massage therapy!